This is a collection of things that have been asked.

Maybe I am blind but I can’t find the way how to create the mentioned virtual device

This device is only available since version 1.2.0.

I wish that set values for temperature were open to change. I wish in the bathroom a temperature over 23 degrees but that’s impossible now

You can, just type the value in the input field below the drop-down.

How will the app realize whether I am on holiday or not? Where to define? Maybe I missed it but I can‘t see a holiday mode in Homey

A plan is the normal schedule, but than what happens if I’m at home unplanned? I leave home unplanned? I go to sleep earlier? We’re on holiday for a couple of days?

How to configure these things? Make plans for all of them? I thought that’s too much work. In my usecase, that just means I put everything to cool-down, or to a comfortable coazy temperature.

I called these setpoints exceptions, and the events mode for the heating scheduler. The modes than can be set either

No automation here, as this can all be done easily with Flow and better as anything I might have thought about.

The modes One day at home, One day away from home, and Sleeping are reset every day at 00:00 to Automatic. The other modes (On holiday, Out of season (it’s summer)) stay until you set the scheduler back to any other mode.

To many alerts/notifications when using multiple heating plans

In the settings page, you can toggle notifications for

I have window and door sensors and it would be great to add those ones as exception devices

I understand that request and I will put it on the list #69. In the meanwhile, you could try the following: