Welcome to Athom Homey Heating Scheduler

This app controls the target temperature if your thermostats based on heating plans. A heating plan is list of set points. At each set point, the associated target temperature is applied to a list devices.

Summary screen

A heating plan can be associated with either zones or devices. If a heating plan is associated with a zone, the heating plan is associated with all themorstats inside that zone. Child zones are not evaluated.

Just let me get started!

How does that work?

That’s just three easy steps

  1. Define your heating plan
  2. Associate zones and/or devices to your plan
  3. Create your schedule by adding several setpoints

You’re can always save good to go.

Define your heating planes
Associate zones with your plan
Create a schedule

Need many plans?

Nobody likes repetitive work. Such, you can clone schedules and apply a daily schedule to all other days in a week. The actions are available in the application’s app-bar, top-right.

Duplicate a plan
Copy schedules

Want to know what the current schedule is?

Once you have setup your schedules, you can look at the current temperatures. This is available via the menu (top-left), Current temperatures.

Overview of current temperatures

Install the App

Navigate to the Homey Apps website and click on install. That’s it!

Install Homey Heating Scheduler